General Information

General rules

  • Turn out of the students to school must be smart and neat with trimmed hair and nails, pressed uniform and well-polished shoes.
  • No pupil is to be sent to school in case he or she is suffering from a contagious disease.
  • Any pupil desiring to be exempted from games has to produce a doctor’s certificate.
  • Parents are to intimate the office and class teacher regarding change of address, telephone number or rank of a defense personnel.
  • Parents have to apply in the prescribed format for transfer certificate one month in advance.
  • Parents can enter the school premises only with proper identity. Parents are to enter their details in the visitor’s register. In case of emergency, students can leave the school early accompanied by parent/guardian with the permission of the school authorities and with a note in the diary.
  • Students must conduct themselves properly during educational visits and field trips.

Attendance and leave rules

  • Daily attendance is mandatory. Minimum requirement of attendance in an academic year is 75%.
  • Leave of absence to be given on prior application. Under unavoidable circumstances a valid leave note is mandatory.
  • Absence without permission for more than 7 days by a student will result in re-admission and fresh admission fees.

Library rules

  • Books will be issued on requirement basis.
  • Two books can be issued at a time.
  • Books to be returned within one week from the date of issue. If required, reissued.
  • Students who check out a book are responsible for that book until that is returned.
  • Reference books are not available for issue. These books should be consulted only in the library.
  • loss or damage of books should be reported to the Librarian immediately. In case of loss of book, it must be replaced.
  • Personal belongings such as books, bags etc are not permitted inside the library.