School Songs



Om, Together may we two Move (in our Studies, the Teacher and the Student),

Together may we two Relish (our Studies, the Teacher and the Student),

Together may we perform (our Studies) with Vigour (with deep Concentration),

May what has been Studied by us be filled with the Brilliance (of Understanding, leading to knowledge);

May it Not give rise to Hostility (due to lack of Understanding),

Om Peace, Peace, Peace.


हमारेध्यानमेंआओ, प्रभुआँखोंमेंबसजाओ,

बहादोप्रेमकीगंगा, दिलोंमेंप्रेमकासागर,

हमाराकर्महोसेवा, हमाराधर्महोसेवा,
सदाईमानहोसेवा, वोसेवकचरबनादेना।

वतनकेवास्तेजीना, वतनकेवास्तेमरना,
वतनपेजाफ़िदाकरना, प्रभुहमकोसीखादेना।

दयाकरनाहमारीआत्मामेंशुद्धतादेना ।


Om, may God protect us both (the Teacher and the Student) (during the journey of awakening our Knowledge)

May God Nourish us both (with that spring of Knowledge which nourishes life when awakened),

May we work together with energy and vigour (cleansing ourselves with that flow of energy for the Knowledge to manifest),

May our study be enlightening (taking us towards the true essence underlying everything), and not giving rise to hostility (by constricting the understanding of the essence in a particular manifestation only),

Om, peace, peace, peace.”

ॐ सह नाववतु ।
सह नौ भुनक्तु ।
सह वीर्यं करवावहै ।
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Oh God, give us knowledge, Grant us abundant spiri

Give us purity of soul, Enter  our consciousness

Dwell in our vision, Deliver our hearts from darkness to light

Make knowledge flow towards us like the Ganges

Make love flow out from our hearts like a river

Show us how to live in harmony

Teach us the joy of noble deeds

Show us how to be honest

Give us the strength to be hardworking

Show us how to love our country and die for her

Show us how to sacrifice

Lead us to knowledge

Show us the way to purify our souls.