School Management Committee

The school management committee is designed to govern the functions of the school and shall advice about the academic as well as co-curricular programmes of NCS at different levels. The committee prepares guidelines and assists the implementation of academic programmes in order to popularize NCS as one of the best schools at the national level.

The committee also discussed the national goals of education and prescribes norms for administration and academic purposes. The committee is vested with administrative, academic and financial powers to guarantee the smooth functioning of the institution. The SMC meeting is held twice in a year.

The School Management Committee consists of the following members.
  • Commodore Manmohan Singh, Chairman NCS
  • Capt. Senthil Kumar , Vice Chairman, NCS
  • Cdr. Amit Kumar Sharma, Director, NCS
  • Educationists from regional Educational Institutions nominated by Chairman.
  • Representative of  NWWA – Nominated by President NWWA
  • Teaching Staff Members nominated by Principal
  • Elected PTA members